At Credance Infotech we always pay special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues.


At Credance Infotech we always pay special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues. We understand a truly effective security as a system that is followed by every employee and affiliate. We deeply respect our customer’s intellectual property rights and business data and take comprehensive measures to safeguard them. A whole range of security procedures and policies are accepted at different levels.


  • It's a unique software development methodology that keeps a close eye on operations, by emphasising on an agile relationship between the development team and the IT team.
  • The DevOps methodology advocates strong communication and collaboration between the two functional teams and demands rapid change and improvement, consistently.
  • The ultimate aim of this methodology is to develop an environment where the sub stages of a software development process, including testing and software release, can take place swiftly, frequently and reliably.


  • Combining iterative and incremental process models, the Agile software development model offers a distinct methodology , in which self-organised, cross functional teams (including customer representative) work together in all functions, right from planning & requirement analysis, up to acceptance testing.
  • The whole process progresses in small increments and with minimal planning through iterations, which are short time frames that typically last from one to four weeks.
  • The output received after each iteration is demonstrated to the stakeholders to determine the overall progress. However, the primary measure of progress remains workability of the software.
  • The model aims adaptive planning with continuous evolutionary development.
  • Which is why it is considered ideal for projects with dynamic and non-deterministic characteristics, where planning and estimations are difficult to reach in the early stages.
  • Lastly, the model keeps the client involved throughout the entire process, offering unparallel transparency and complete synchronisation with client's ultimate vision.


  • The waterfall model is considered as the earliest methodology implemented in Software Development Life Cycle. Like a waterfall, it progresses downwards in a predetermined sequence through each of its functional phases: conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation and maintenance.
  • While flowing downwards, individual phases do not overlap each other and only a single phase remains active at a time. In other words, a new phase doesn't begin its function, until all tasks of the operational phase are completely realised.
  • Output is analysed after each phase to keep the project on the right track, and the testing begins only after the completion of development stage.
  • Waterfall model's structured approach coupled with its discrete and easily comprehendible phases are its major advantages, that help in identification and rectification of errors at each stage, and substantially reduces the overall possibility of flaws before testing.

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